Tuesday, August 20, 2013


FOXERS are underwear with the waistband design from men’s boxer shorts. Essentially they serve as a way for women to have the comfort and style of boxer shorts but still look and feel sexy. When wearing FOXERS you might be asked “Are you wearing boxer shorts?” You can proudly answer, “not boxers, FOXERS” and (if you dare) show a little more of what lies beneath.
I got some great items! I love them! The Racer Back Shelf Bra Tank - Cotton 92%, Spandex 8%, soft and comfortable, great for yoga, core, lounge, or wearing out. Add different color ribbons to change up the look or match a theme or team.
Boxer Briefs - These boxer briefs are roomier than boy-shorts, ultra comfortable and soft. There are sheer pockets on each side to stash stuff (we'll let you be creative about what they're for). The snap buttons in the front match the western sheer tops and allow extra room when getting in or out.

Check it all out at FOXERS on Facebook.

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