Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brew Over Ice

Just when you thought your Keurig experience couldn’t get any better....the Brew Over Ice K-Cup and Vue-packs introduce a whole new way to enjoy your Keurig brewer. Now you can enjoy a wide variety of fresh-brewed iced beverages at the touch of a button. Brew Over Ice packs are uniquely blended, with just the right amount of coffee, tea or fruit, to ensure an optimal cool brew experience every time.
Look for the Brew Over Ice seal on your favorite brands: Green Mountain Coffee, Snapple, The Original Donut Shop, Vitamin Burst, and much, much more. Easy to Brew! Chilling out has never been this easy. Just fill a 16 oz. cup to the top with ice. Insert your favorite Brew Over Ice pack. Stir and enjoy!

Check it all out at Brew Over Ice on Facebook, as well as Brew Over Ice on Twitter.

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