Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Have you ever been to Napa, Italy or any other country and wonder what kind of wineries or vineyards were around you? With wineries popping up all over the world it is difficult to find wineries across seas, let alone in your own backyard. WineMaps.com is a global social map website that allows wine consumers to interact with wineries, winemakers and other connoisseurs.

WineMaps.com is an interactive travel map that allows consumers to discover, learn and interact with wineries, vineyards, wine bars and events around the world. You can plan a vacation to the vineyards in Mendocino, discover wineries in Greece, and choose which wine bar to go to in the city or find a wine-related event you should attend.

With your phone, you can look for the nearest WineMaps locations, check in to wineries, write reviews and post them to your social networks or map out your own wine tour.

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Check it all out at WineMaps on Facebook, as well as WineMaps on Twitter.

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  1. Sign up for our invite list at http://discover.winemaps.com/beta


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