Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What to Wear to Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are generally a somewhat casual affair that doesn’t require too much pomp and circumstance. This is a widely known fact, but guests and even the bride and groom are often still unsure about what the dress code is for Ft. Walton beach weddings. Some may go too casual while others treat the event as something very formal. To know what to wear at these sorts of weddings, be sure you follow this guide.

Dress Code
The bride and groom may set up one of a few different dress codes. A semi-formal code means the wedding is a bit more formal. Men wear suits and ladies put on cocktail dresses. Semi-formal beach weddings usually take place during cooler times of the year and when the wedding reception venue is more on the formal side. If you’ve been invited to a formal beach wedding, dress for a beach while looking formal at the same time. Women should wear sundresses, and linen or light-colored suits should be worn my men. For casual beach weddings, feel free to be relaxed. Tank tops and skirts as well as casual sundresses are seen on women, while men sport button-down shirts and trousers.

Bride and Groom 
When you’re the bride, the dress you wear to your wedding is a huge decision. After all, everyone will be looking at you, and the pictures from the event will be preserved for years. Think about what the weather and conditions will be for that day and plan around that. Ft. Walton beach weddings held at sunset tend to be on the chilly side, so you may want a wrap to go with your gown if it reveals a lot of skin around your arms and shoulders. Purchase lightweight material for your dress so you can travel easily. Wearing flip-flops or going barefoot is acceptable for such occasions. If you’re the lucky man in this wedding, forgo the tux and put on a light-colored suit. Linen is recommended because it’s generally cooler to wear. Wear a tie that matches the wedding colors or sport a bright- or tropical-colored tie. To match your bride, wear flip-flops or go bare.

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