Monday, July 1, 2013

ANI Brand

Barefooting is the way nature intended us to move. Conventional footwear prevents our feet from functioning optimally, harming mobility and posture. Barefooting allows the body to readjust to its natural form. Other company’s barefoot shoes are usually not truly barefoot shoes, but ANI Brand's are. Just because a shoe can bend easily does not mean it is barefoot. A lot of these other company’s barefoot shoes are way too thick and most of their foot beds are not flat due to unnecessary elevations and angles that put your feet in an unnatural position. In order for a shoe to be barefoot it must have a super thin outsole that bends easily while having a flat foot bed so your feet can be in a natural position as if you were barefoot. ANI does exactly this.

 I got this sweet pair of shoes in red & white. I love them, and they are soooo comfy, and cute!

Check it all out at ANI on Facebook, as well as ANI on Twitter.

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