Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don't Miss this Opportunity to Protect your Child.

A DNA profile which years ago was over $400 is now only $99. But my readers will receive a limited time $50 off coupon by going to and using code USFamily50.

ChildProtect by DNA is provided by DNA Diagnostics Center, the largest private DNA company in the world and #1 hospital recommended in the US Over 800,000 children go missing every year!

Law enforcement agencies state the first 3 hours of a missing child’s search are the most important.

A DNA profile is a Genetic Fingerprint and every person’s is unique.

Every profile is signed by a PhD when it leaves the DDC laboratory.

A DNA profile is used by police when they find an item (saliva) that contains traces of DNA.

By having a DNA profile on hand, the police have something to compare against. If there is no DNA profile, police need to collect DNA from the child’s home and send it to a laboratory to get the profile.


What to Wear to Beach Weddings

Beach weddings are generally a somewhat casual affair that doesn’t require too much pomp and circumstance. This is a widely known fact, but guests and even the bride and groom are often still unsure about what the dress code is for Ft. Walton beach weddings. Some may go too casual while others treat the event as something very formal. To know what to wear at these sorts of weddings, be sure you follow this guide.

Dress Code
The bride and groom may set up one of a few different dress codes. A semi-formal code means the wedding is a bit more formal. Men wear suits and ladies put on cocktail dresses. Semi-formal beach weddings usually take place during cooler times of the year and when the wedding reception venue is more on the formal side. If you’ve been invited to a formal beach wedding, dress for a beach while looking formal at the same time. Women should wear sundresses, and linen or light-colored suits should be worn my men. For casual beach weddings, feel free to be relaxed. Tank tops and skirts as well as casual sundresses are seen on women, while men sport button-down shirts and trousers.

Bride and Groom 
When you’re the bride, the dress you wear to your wedding is a huge decision. After all, everyone will be looking at you, and the pictures from the event will be preserved for years. Think about what the weather and conditions will be for that day and plan around that. Ft. Walton beach weddings held at sunset tend to be on the chilly side, so you may want a wrap to go with your gown if it reveals a lot of skin around your arms and shoulders. Purchase lightweight material for your dress so you can travel easily. Wearing flip-flops or going barefoot is acceptable for such occasions. If you’re the lucky man in this wedding, forgo the tux and put on a light-colored suit. Linen is recommended because it’s generally cooler to wear. Wear a tie that matches the wedding colors or sport a bright- or tropical-colored tie. To match your bride, wear flip-flops or go bare.

From You Flowers

From You Flowers offers a complete selection of personal and corporate floral and gift items appropriate for any occasion and every sentiment. This includes fresh flowers, plants, balloons and gift baskets.
I got a gorgeous bouquet! This flower arrangement is shipped directly from the grower and comes in bud form, so you can watch the flowers bloom. The purple roses are paired with seasonal purple flowers and gorgeous pink stargazer lilies.

Get a coupon code for 15% off, you can claim it by entering 'blog' at checkout.

Enter the Summer Staycation Sweepstakes, where you can win over $1500 in prizes, including a $1000 VISA card.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

How to Choose a Backpack has created this fun guide to help you pick out the appropriate backpack for your child. Visit for more information on choosing and saving on backpacks for back-to-school.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Save $1.00 On White Cloud

EtchingX Etched Wine Bottles

What a cool gift idea! Etched Wine Bottles! Enjoy a deep hand-etched and hand-painted gift. Each bottle is individually created by skilled artisans into a truly unique work of art. All bottles are customized, with your design choice and your own personalized four-line message, allowing you to share your special thoughts with the ones you care about! Open the bottle to enjoy a delicious cabernet sauvignon, a savory blend of plum and berry flavors. Or choose a private label merlot laced with black cherry aromas and a soft touch of vanilla oak. If you prefer white wine, the select chardonnay is a clean, fresh varietal with a fruity flavor and hints of honey and almond. If you prefer celebrating, the California sparkling wine offers a delightful bubbly that will highlight any special moment. In addition to the house wines, they can etch many name brand wines and champagnes, such as Robert Mondavi, Charles Krug, Veuve Cliquot, Moet & Chandon. Standard size 750ml wine bottle. Item is sold as a single wine bottle.

My bottle is a Happy Birthday to my self! Ha! But it is so cool, and I just love it. Awesome!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Get Carded With Hallmark & Hanging Off The Wire *Giveaway*

The Challenge:
Send 7 cards in 7 days to 7 special people in your life. Tell them how much they mean, how much you miss them, how you’ll never forget that time....The Get Carded Challenge is such a fun way for people to connect and reconnect with loved ones, whether it’s a friend, old roommate, neighbor or even your kids. Just send a card a day for 7 days and get reconnected with your friends and family.
Hallmark wants to share the love. Hallmark has such a wonderful assortment of special occasion and everyday cards for everyone on your list. To help you get started in the Get Carded Challenge, Hallmark is offering a 30% off greeting cards purchased from Just use the discount code BLOG30 for 30% off throughout the year!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Pink Monogram

The Pink Monogram offers everything personalized from clogs and sandals to purses and bags to car monograms and other great items. The best place to buy sterling silver monogrammed jewelry. The best place to get that got-to-have girly item!! They have all the monogrammed phone cases, iPad covers, mp3 player covers. They also have a design team that specializes in monogrammed fine linens. They carry Matouk Fine Linens and Jane Wilner Designs. They can also custom make you a monogram for any occasion. The Pink Monogram works with local and national designers to embroider custom designs.
I received an amazing monogrammed robe! I got it bright orange with lime green "Mama" on it. I adore it! Monogrammed robes make the perfect gift. This is a light weight Kimono style robe made from a soft waffle weave fabric. This robe is a short spa length, 36 inches long. It has 2 great deep pockets and has bi-level belt loops for a relaxed fit and is one size fits all. Monogram will be on the left chest area.


Perfectly Timed Photos

I've been obsessed with Perfectly Timed Photos! I can't get enough of them! So great, and so funny! check it out!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dragons: Riders Of Berk Part 1 & Part 2 *Giveaway*

After Hiccup and his Night Fury companion, Toothless, saved the people of Berk by defeating the Red Death, they inspired the Vikings of Berk to make peace with the dragons. However, Hiccup learns that the co-habitation is far from harmonious with Viking ignorance and the Dragons' instincts threatening to destroy the alliance. To solve the problem, Hiccup's father, Stoick the Vast, organizes the Berk Dragon Academy where his son and friends can learn all about Dragons. Even as grumpy doubters like Mildew and villains like Alvin the Treacherous oppose them, the Viking teens of Berk and their dragons dedicate themselves to achieving a vital understanding.

Callan loves this spin-off cartoon from How To Train Your Dragon! We watched this twice in a row! And he still wants to watch it! Very cool.

Birth Caught On MRI Machine

For the first time, researchers at Charité University Hospital in Berlin used MRI to look inside a woman’s body as her baby inches its way down the birth canal, according to a report in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The corresponding video merges time-lapsed images of the “active second stage of labor, when the mother starts performing expulsive efforts with the valsalva maneuver.” In other words, she’s pushing the baby out. It’s not clear why the woman, who was 24 and a mother of two when the Nov. 2010 video was made, agreed to spend some of the most intense parts of her labor in an MRI machine.

The video shows the mother’s final pushes, until just before her baby, a boy, was actually born. To spare his newborn ears, doctors flipped off the loud MRI machine as his head began to crown. What is clear is why doctors would want a woman to hang out in an MRI machine while giving birth: aside from the really cool images, the scan allows them to better understand the physiology of birth. While X-rays can and have been taken before, during and after labor, the authors note that prenatal exposure to radiographs has been linked with an increased risk of childhood cancer. And ultrasounds can’t provide the same degree of detail as MRI, which is considered safe. As for the mom, she was clearly thinking ahead about pain management. Because laboring in an MRI machine doesn’t seem too conducive to natural childbirth, the mom opted for an epidural. And the good news, had something gone wrong, is that the MRI suite and the delivery room were on the same floor.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Camera Coats

Camera Coats were created by a mom tired of carrying around so many bags! Ideal for travel, hanging around your neck or heading to the park. No more naked, unprotected SLR cameras!
I got the Touch Of Glitter Black and Gold Camera Coat! I love it! The touch of glitter on this waterproof beauty is sure to turn some heads on your next trip! Outside: 100% designer cotton laminate. Inside: 100% cotton padded & stylish! Handcrafted by women in the USA! Sturdy velcro closure. Easily attaches to your camera strap with a sturdy buckle. Handy pocket on the outside for your lens cap or smart phone and other accessories! I adore it!

Check it all out at Camera Coats on Facebook, as well as Camera Coats on Twitter.

The Fallen Angels Book Club Blog Tour

The Fallen Angels Book Club by R Franklin James
on Tour June 1st - July 31st 2013

Book Details Genre: Mystery / Amateur Dective Published by: Camel Press Publication Date: May 1, 2013 Number of Pages: 264 ISBN: 1603819177 / 978-1603819176 Purchase Links: 
 The Fallen Angels Book Club has only two requirements: the members must love books and have a white-collar criminal record. Hollis Morgan fits the bill. Left holding the bag in an insurance fraud scheme concocted by her now ex-husband, she served her time and is trying to rebuild her life. All she wants is for the court to pardon her conviction so she can return to law school. After one of her fellow members is murdered in a scenario straight out of a club selection, Hollis is once again the subject of police scrutiny. Refusing to get stuck with another bad rap, she sets out to investigate her fellow club members. Is one of them really blackmailing the others? As a second member dies in yet another book-inspired murder, Hollis realizes that time is running out. Everything rides on her finding the killer--not just her career aspirations. She must identify the killer before she herself becomes the next victim. Everyone is convinced she knows more than she lets on. But what is it, exactly, that is she supposed to know?

Read an excerpt:
Tonight it was my turn to come early and set up the space for our book club meeting. Our monthly gatherings were held in a small windowless conference room adjacent to the San Isidro Library’s main reading area. The Fallen Angels Book Club was an exclusive group, not only a love of books was required. You also had to be a white collar ex-felon. I rubbed my hands together and peeled off gloves. My fingers felt like icicles. Thank goodness someone remembered to turn on the heat. The door opened and a gush of wind blew a cluster of leaves into the room along with Gene Donovan who tossed his hoodie and a small brown leather “man purse” onto one of the folding chairs. “Hollis, let me help you with that.” His tousled blond hair was more askew than usual. Placing his book on the floor, he came over to where I struggled to roll out the meeting table. “Appreciate it.” I straightened my back and allowed him to carry the bulk of the table’s weight. Fortunately, when I was with Gene, we didn’t have to speak. I caught a glance at his manicured nails and tucked mine into my palms. I liked Gene. He wasn’t afraid to show his feminine side. We took special care not to drag the metal chair legs across the glowing veneer of the hardwood floor. Its beauty came from the handiwork of the night cleaning crew who waited for us to leave so they could begin their labor. We settled into our chairs when Rory Norris strode in, let the door slam and dumped his books on the table. His hazel eyes did a sweep across the room as if expecting an ambush. A few more pounds had crept onto his already thickening frame. Rory patted his black leather jacket as he laid it over the chair. “Hey, people, did you notice if they lock the gates to the parking lot? My Beemer just got detailed and I don’t want some neighborhood juvenile mistaking it for a marker board.” “Nice touch, Norris, letting us know you got a new BMW.” Richard Kleh came in pulled off his knitted skull cap, revealing an emerging bald crown. He nodded toward the door. “Go check for yourself. Hey, Hollis, did you finish the read?” “Of course. You’re the one who never finishes a book.” “Well, I finished this one. It had me going until the end. The characters were realistic and…and…” “Memorable?” I could tell from his frown he wasn't kidding.

Author Bio: 

R. Franklin James was born and raised in the San Francisco East Bay Area. She graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and completed the masters program in Public Policy at California State University East Bay. She has also received her paralegal certification. She and her husband live in northern California with their English Springer Spaniel, Bailey.

Catch Up With Ms. James:

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