Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mimi's Craft Shack - Farm Kit

All of the craft kit ideas on Mimi's Craft Shack come from teaching her 2 and 4 year olds at home. She will detail the materials used such as cardstock, photo paper, etc. She is skilled in making many different types of crafts including but not limited to: cards, invitations, luggage tags, menus, programs, brochures, flash cards, etc. She uses a Cricut cutting machine to make most of the paper products that do not require a computer and printer. She also uses the computer and printer to make images as well as draw and paint her own.

I got the Farm Craft Kit for Callan. Are you teaching your child about living on a farm? Or is your child simply fascinated by all things farm? This is the perfect craft pack for you! Includes the following 12 crafts: cow, sheep, pig, goat, duck, dog, cat, horse, chicken, farmer, barn, and tractor. Each craft in the kit comes individually packaged and contains all of the materials necessary to be completed; including paper, foam, wiggly eyes, stickers, felt, etc. Also included in the package: glue stick, 10 coloring pages, and 25 farm-themed stickers. Callan loves this! We're not done making all the crafts yet, we do one or two at a time. But when we are done we are going to mount them on his wall, so he can see his artwork! So much fun! And the extras of the coloring pages and stickers just add to the fun! Very nice!

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