Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to Write a Statement of Purpose for Business School

Business school is competitive when it comes to trying to gain admittance. There are several hoops you have to go through before you can submit your application to the school of your choice. One important aspect of your application is your statement of purpose. This is an essay you’ll submit to an MBA program that will outline your background and goals. The statement of purpose is definitely something you should take your time on to represent yourself in the best way possible. Read on for a guide on writing a killer statement of purpose for the University of Denver Business School.

First Paragraph
The initial step is to introduce yourself to the admissions board in the first paragraph. Directly and confidently state why you want to get into that program. Explain what your professional goals are and how the school will help you on the path to success. Talk about the area of focus you want to go into and give details about the program or certain professors you want to work with and how they will benefit you. It’s also important that you let the school know how you will be an asset to that institution.

After the first paragraph, get into the meat of the matter. Stick closely to the prompt and add pertinent details where they belong. Many admission essays require you to discuss any major obstacles you have faced. Business schools are often interested to see what you’ve done with your life and how you can prove you are a hardworking candidate. Talk about your accomplishments, whether they were volunteer, school, or work undertakings. Discuss internships and coursework in particular. Be sure to quantify your achievements so the admissions council will have concrete figures. If you feel you fell short in a few areas, be sure to explain this in the letter. For example, if you have a low GPA, explain how you experience clinical depression but overcame it. Last, don’t be afraid to include your interests and hobbies in the essay since many MBA programs like to accept well-rounded individuals. Remember to come across as unique as well as valuable so you can pique the interest of University of Denver Business School.

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