Friday, May 31, 2013

The Prize Candle

The Prize Candle story began with the collaboration of a team that shared a passion to create an eco-conscious candle line that is sophisticated and refined, yet, affordable & festive. Pulling their talents from the fashion, design and tech industry to develop Prize Candle, the result is a beautifully packaged, all natural soy wax candle in fragrances that will enhance your environment with the added bonus of a prize in every candle!
I got a Spring Blossom candle! And oh my goodness, it smells so good. I light it in the kitchen and it fragrances the entire house! Even after you blow it out, the scent lingers. It is lovely. I recieved a ruby ring in my candle, and it is so pretty. I am very pleased with my candle!
Check it all out at Prize Candle on Facebook, as well as Prize Candle on Twitter.

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