Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Longchamp le Pliage Latest Handbags Collection

Bag trends vary according to need rather than season. If you’re college student, you'd prefer totes or any large handbag, but if you’re just going to hang out with friends, then maybe a small purse to house your wallet in would be enough. The reason we mention this is because choice of handbag is a fairly personal affair. Here are some of the newest offerings from Longchamp Le Pliage:
1. LM Metal Small Shopper in Navy. This handbag is from the brand's small bag category and is probably the most chic tote bags of the lot. It’s styled in the regular rectangular shape though the top is wider than the bottom. The Small Shopper also has short straps, but is made from soft enough material to be comfortable for carrying over the shoulder as well. The bag is not just a wide block of navy color and stands out because it features the original horse and belt print that was the trademark design for the LM series of bags. It also has a small flap between the straps that goes across and closes the bag up. Dimensionally, the Small Shopper appears to be quite big with a width and height both of 25 centimeters. Perfect for casual summer user, the LM Metal Small Shopper in Navy is a top choice for the season.

2. Python Satchel Satchels or cross body bags are quite in vogue among the younger crowd of ladies as well as the elderly, you need only know how to pull it off to make it transcend all ages. This satchel comes in taupe-y shades mixed into a snake skin, as the name implies. The bag has a thin base so it's not a big bag for carrying heavy items. It has a black flap at its top that comes together to close it up. The strap for carrying the bag is also black and long to make it convenient for you to wear it across your body. Python Satchel measures 10.75 inches in height and width and is just big enough to carry your essentials and perhaps even a write it down journal as well.

3. Patch Exotic This bag is perfect for summers and also to dress up for a formal occasion such as a business meeting or presentation. It's white in color and is divided into large blocks which are either plain white in color, have white snakeskin or have the taupe snakeskin print as in the Python Satchel. The bag is wide and tall and features both small and long straps for your personal convenience. If you prefer smaller straps, you also have the option to unhook the longer straps.

For special occasion bags, you might well choose them by their appearance than their function as you'd want them to go well with your wardrobe.

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