Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gourmet Spotting - $5 Off

As modern day food hunters, the folks at Gourmet Spotting will travel the world searching for interesting and delicious gourmet products. Imagine receiving a surprise box with organic white truffle oil from Italy, delicious chocolate from Madagascar, juicy mango bars from India...all for you. Dream it. Want it. Get it! Sign up today for a monthly Tasting Box subscription. Be amazed by our Tasting Box. Once a month they will send you a curated Tasting Box, with 4 to 6 gourmet products sourced and hand-picked for you. They only choose the best ingredients they find, so that you can sit back, explore, and savor.
Give a meal to charity! Everytime they ship out a Tasting Box, they donate a meal to charity. Thanks to you, together we are fighting hunger in America.

My awesome box included:
Goji Berry Cookies
Yogic Chai's Original Masala Chai Tea
Askinoise Chocolate
Romanica Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For my readers, get $5 off the first month of your monthly subscription. New clients only. Use code: HANGING5.


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