Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Get Your Sverve On

Sverve is a Pinterest style networking site that not only gives you access to other Mom bloggers but also is a gateway for PR reps, and others that are looking to hire bloggers. They have a job board and everything.

How It Works:
Unleash your social verve and manage your social media influence effectively. Sverve gives you a platform to highlight your areas of expertise and earn the credit you deserve. Here’s how:
Simply add up to 5 areas of influence on your profile.
Ask your followers to endorse you.
Share quality information on the Sverve platform like your latest blog posts and best tips.
Share frequently.
Your Influence Score will be generated based on real endorsements that you get and the type of the content you create. As more people like, favorite and share your tips, your score will increase. You will have a score for each area of influence as well as an overall score. It takes a while to build up your score. You have to share, share a lot and connect with other Mom bloggers. As you get more endorsements your number starts to raise. The higher the number (and your spot on the leader board) the more likely you are to be hired if you meet the job requirements.

I love it! Join now!

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