Saturday, May 4, 2013

All USA Clothing

For 30+ years All USA continues to offer the best clothing at the best prices Made in the USA. They are committed to this country, its future and to supporting and promoting manufactures determined to remain - Made in the USA. Buying clothes that are made in the USA means you are making a valuable contribution to the success of domestic manufacturing. When you choose to buy American, you help to support the economy and the long-term security of jobs - your friends, family and neighbors jobs. That is why the clothing, footwear, work wear, outerwear, and wholesale apparel they sell are all made right here in the USA!
I got this awesome Embellished Tie Dye Top. This cute t-shirt is super soft and would look great with a pair of leggings. Short sleeve tie dye top with a scoop neckline. Rhinestone embellishment. Asymmetrical hem. Dye washed. 95% Rayon. Made in the USA!

Check it all out at All USA Clothing on Facebook.

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