Thursday, April 18, 2013


NuShape’s tablets work with the body’s own chemistry to burn fat and naturally extend the fat-burning effects of exercise (approximately 300 calories a day), and has no known side-effects.
Simply add 15 minutes of walking or moderate exercise to your day and you can lose up to one size in 30 days! NuShape is clinically proven to work. By targeting the body’s pathways that regulate energy, together we can tell your body to burn more fat than with exercise alone.

I feel like I have more energy, but have not noticed a weight loss yet. But it has not been 30 days. I like that at 3pm, I don't get tired anymore!

Check it all out at NuShape on Facebook, as well as NuShape on Twitter.

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  1. Have read and heard lots of good things about Leucine and NuShape!

    Best wishes to you!


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