Wednesday, April 3, 2013


KidTribe’s mission is to create a positively contagious environment for today’s children where being healthy is cool, where exercise feels like a party, where learning is filled with laughter, where respect and acceptance is the social norm, where children express their uniqueness, where good deeds matter, where peace is possible, where we all shine, thrive, and feel alive, where every kid is invited into the tribe.
We got the Hoopersize fit-kit. Fun easy fitness. Easy to follow, totally cool, and utterly engaging for boys and girls, 6 and up! Contents include: 1 indestructible KidTribe ProHoop. Once assembled, it will never break or bend. 38″ in diameter, weighs 1 lb. Larger size makes it easier to hoop and master the tricks. Thicker in diameter, ProHoops accelerate calorie burning (up to 100 calories/10 minutes). 10 award-winning fitness music videos featuring Miss Kellee & the KidTribe Crew as they demonstrate the coolest tricks, routines, games, and cooking. Titles include: What Up? Warm Up!, HooperStar Tricks, Hooper-Size, Hoop Party, Hoop-Hop-Don’t-Stop, In the Kitchen with Dr. Hoopenstein, Hoopy Games. 7 Super catchy original hooptastic songs. Callan loves the DVD and his hoop! I can't wait til the snow melts so he can get outside with it! You can buy this product on Amazon!

Check it all out at KidTribe on Facebook.

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