Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DormCo Closet Organizer

Chances are your dorm room doesn't come with shelves - and if they do, there are probably not enough. Why do they design college dorm rooms this way? Don't they know that you're young and free and require ample storage space? Well you can't fight the man - at least not yet! The only thing you can do to improve your bedroom's storage capacity is to add this 6 Shelf Closet Organizer - Pewter & Orchid to your dorm room closet.

The 6 Shelf Closet Organizer is more than a bunch of shelves - it's a way for you to have what should be rightfully yours - dorm room storage options! This 6 Shelf Closet Organizer lets you have shelves in your closet without having to "install" anything complicated. It conveniently hangs from your closet rod and is a dorm room essential for those who want to have decent storage space while living in tiny dorms. I of course do not have a dorm room, but in our tiny apartment, I might as well. This helps tremendously with our closet space! Love it.

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