Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sesha Skin Therapy

Sesha Skin Therapy realizes there’s more to skincare than effective ingredients. It takes a results-oriented delivery system to enable active ingredients to penetrate the skin’s protective outer layers and nourish new growing skin layers. Using Conrex Pharmaceutical’s patented and clinically proven delivery system, P.E.T (Permeation Enhancement Technology), Sesha Skin Therapy launches its new Clinical Collection to fight against the signs of aging.
Clinical Advanced Antioxidant Cream:
Fights against the visible signs of aging caused by oxidation, environmental stress and glycation.

Clinical Advanced Eye Restore:
Reduces the appearance of wrinkles while hydrating skin for younger, more radiant looking skin.

Clinical Repair/Protect SPF 30 - Day Emulsion:
Fades the visible signs of photo-aging, and strengthens the skin’s resistance to environmental assault.

Clinical Complex-C Serum:
Combines Vitamin C with peptides, antioxidants and botanical extracts for brighter, more vibrant skin.

Clinical Complex-A Renewal Emulsion:
Addresses the appearance of lines, dull or blotchy texture, and pigmentation. Also helps to reduce wrinkles and lifeless skin, resulting in healthier-looking skin.

Clinical Advanced Lightening Serum:
An advanced lightening formulation that includes Hydroquinone and powerful lightening agents including bitter almond extract to help reduce and inhibit the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Clinical Advanced Phyto Lotion:
Multifunctional phyto-steroid complex helps to increase elasticity, hydration and smoothness that decrease with age.

Sesha Skin Therapy products are readily available through physicians, spas, and medi-spas nationwide. Find your nearest retailer at


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