Thursday, March 21, 2013

Carmex Healing & Hydrating *Giveaway*

Carmex is a brand I love. I've done lots of reviews for some of their great products! Recently I got an awesome Carmex branded yellow hoodie from Carmex as a gift. The hoodie is really great and is super soft and plush. I love it! I also got some more awesome products, just in time for spring and summer, to get my skin pretty and perfect!
Carmex Hydrating Lotion - Microemulsification. It’s the technical term for how they are able to make a hydrating lotion that is so moisturizing yet feels so greaseless. It is soothing, long-lasting and perfect for everyday use. They super-blend the high-quality ingredients of the exclusive formula so that deep hydration immediately soaks into damaged skin. You won’t feel a hint of greasiness, even right after you smooth it onto rough trouble spots. Formulas with Vitamin E aid moisturization of dry skin, helping to soften and heal it. This Hydrating Lotion uses aloe at a concentration of 200 times what you’d find in an aloe plant, helping prevent dryness and promote healing, plus soothing irritated skin. This is my go to lotion, for me and for my son! Love it!
Carmex Healing Cream - They put 75 years of lipcare expertise into Carmex Healing Cream, much to the joy and relief of customers who have been requesting it for decades. The rich cream goes through a patent-pending blending process that emulsifies it into a fast-absorbing formula that won’t wipe off on your clothes, immediately going to work helping to heal your most troubled spots - such as feet, elbows and hands. Formulas with increased levels of rich lanolin such as Carmex Healing Cream have the same rehydrating properties as naturally occurring lipids in your skin. The formula includes petrolatum to soften skin while it aids with moisturization. The healing cream adds allantoin to soften and aid with moisturization. This is the best lotion for my feet to get my tootsies ready for sandals! Love it!


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  9. Thanks so much for your review about Carmex skin care products! We are thrilled that you are enjoying them, and that they are living up to the Carmex standard! Good luck to all entering the giveaway and keep slathering away!
    The Carmex Team

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