Monday, February 4, 2013

Indie Lee’s Java Fix - Recipe

Caffeine Addiction at Its Best: Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite and Exfoliate Naturally.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to remove cellulite completely, however, there are things we can do to reduce its appearance. Indie Lee, founder of the all-natural skincare line Indie Lee & Co, shares one of her at-home recipes for an all-natural scrub containing her favorite ingredient: coffee. The caffeine works to dehydrate fat cells and when broken down, acts as a natural exfoliant.

What You Need:
·½ ounce of sweet almond oil
·2 tablespoons coffee grinds (espresso roast)
·5 tablespoons coconut oil
·¾ cup of arrowroot powder (natural alternative to talc powder)

How to Make It:
1. Combine coffee grinds and sweet almond oil in a large bowl and mix.
2. Add coconut oil and mix well.
3. Fold in the arrowroot powder. Make sure all the coconut clumps are gone.

*Indie Tip: She likes to keep the mixture refrigerated for a day to make it easier to scoop out, like butter.

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