Monday, January 28, 2013

Open Arms *Giveaway*

At Open Arms, they are committed to providing refugee women in America a living wage (the baseline hourly income necessary for food and shelter - including housing and incidentals such as clothing and other basic needs) which typically runs $3-$7 above the federal minimum wage. Combined with ESL classes, childcare and family-friendly hours, this meaningful work and living wage are intended to set these women and their families on an upward path of integration and prosperity. Open Arms is not a charity, but a "social enterprise", a sustainable, for-profit company working to achieve a social purpose through the materials they use, the products they sell and the impact they have. As such, Open Arms measures its success against a triple bottom line that is economic (employ), ecologic (engage) and social (enjoy).
 Here's your chance to win a gorgeous handmade scarf in time for Valentine's Day!


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