Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music Lovers Giveaway

  music lovers    croppedSponsored by: Sol Republic

SOL (Soundtracks Of Life) is all about, and known for there premium quality for sound and merchandise. My Tracks Ultra Headphones are a navy blue base with white cushions on the inside. On top of it's sleek design it is also equipped the brand new V12 HD sound Engine's with SonicSoft. If the look of the Track Ultra isn't up to par with your taste buds then luckily your new headset has customizable parts sold separately. You can change from the color of your band, to the color of the wires you plug in to your Droid/iPad/iPod/ect.  
  • Video: Now you can watch episodes of your favorite TV shows, Hollywood blockbusters, free video podcasts and home videos on your iPod nano. View them on the widescreen 2.5-inch Multi-Touch display. Tap to play, fast-forward, rewind and pause
  • Design: About the size of a credit card, the iPod nano is just 0.24" (5.4mm) thin. The 2.5" Multi-Touch display is nearly twice the size of the display on the previous iPod nano, so you can see more of the music, photos and videos you have
  • Bluetooth 4.0: Pairing iPod nano with Bluetooth-enabled headphones and supported speakers is a cinch. With no wires in the way, connecting to Bluetooth devices is hassle free
  • Music: Tap to play your favorite songs, entire albums or everything by one artist. You can even browse by genres or composers. Flip through your music by album art. To keep things fresh, give the iPod nano a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library
  • Radio: FM radio keeps you up on what's going on out there, whether it's the game, the top news stories or your favorite talk shows. Just plug in your headphones and tap to see the controls. Flick the radio dial to change stations
Open to USA 1/9-1/14 12:59 pm est

One lucky winner will win all! Simply enter the Rafflecopter Below for your chance to win. GOOD LUCK!



  1. I'd love to win for my Honey/Hubby who loves to listen to his music - and is still stuck with an ANCIENT (like 10 year old - and cheap even then!) ipod I him that looks cheaper than a disposable lighter!

    Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

  2. I've never won such a big giveaway and winning would make me SO happy!! :)

    -Natalia R.

  3. I have never won a big giveaway and this is something I would loveto have. My daughter took over our MP3 player and I would love something just for me.

  4. my roomie doesn't like to listen to music (almost a phobia). with this i could listen all i want


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