Saturday, December 8, 2012

Teach Your Child to Spell with Spelling City

As a mom, you’re always looking for ways to help your kids read and write successfully. Spelling City is a great resource for families. The site uses games, worksheets and tests as it helps your kids learn to read and write. Choose a Membership Level As a parent, you choose a membership level. Both levels teach the words, provide games, offer printable worksheets and give a test. Pay an annual fee for the premium level, and access additional games, track your child’s progress and monitor test scores.

Create a List
The Spelling City learning process starts with customized spelling lists. Use your child’s weekly list from school and enter the words onto the site. You can save each list you make for future reference. If your school uses the site, sign in, enter the teacher’s name, choose a list and start learning. Additionally, share lists between users or take advantage of lists already on the site.

Spelling City inventories over 42,000 words for students in all elementary grade levels. You can even use words that aren’t on a weekly spelling list. Use words from science, history or everyday life. Your child can learn to spell common and uncommon words such as contractor software and anthropomorphism while having fun at the same time.

Use the Site to Learn
Students choose from Teach Me, Play a Game or Test Me options. The teaching option uses a human voice to spell each word. Your child can then play a game before taking the test. Available games include HangMouse, Unscramble, word searches, crossword puzzles, sentence unscramble, word match and other games. You can also print worksheets. This option is perfect for kids who need extra practice or prefer writing on paper. You can also take the worksheets when you go on vacation or are otherwise away from a computer and want your kids to continue to learn. When your child’s ready to take the test, he can choose between two options. He can spell the word after listening to the word or after listening to an entire sentence.

Cater to your Child’s Learning Style
Options on the site cater to kids with a variety of learning styles. Visual learners can see the words on a flashcard. Auditory learners hear the words read by a human voice. All features can be paused to give your kinetic learners the chance to run around the house between activities. With unlimited usage and a variety of tools, Spelling City gives your kids the spelling practice they need. They can use the site to master their spelling list from school or learn how to spell common words around the house. No matter how you use it, this tool helps your children succeed as they learn to read and write.

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