Monday, December 17, 2012

Find. Fund. Cure.

This holiday season with all the gifts you are buying for loved ones…why not donate to Cancer research as well? I think we all know someone affected by Cancer, and what a great way to honor them by donating! We as a family donate to Cancer research every year as ones of our charities. We choose to do this around the holidays, because it is the time of year for giving, not just receiving. Think about it as you’re spending a bunch of money on gifts…add one more item to your gift list.

cureLauncher launches cures for diseases, right now, right where each person lives. Research, discovery and development of break-through drugs and medical devices are vastly accelerated when people focus on taking small steps for big results. cureLauncher is just one way to make that happen. At cureLauncher, they create opportunities for medical researchers and healthcare professionals to list their projects and clinical trials for public support so that people, just like you, can take a small step toward finding a cure. You, in turn, get the chance to put your cancer research donations to work. Even by making a small donation to a cureLauncher project, you’re providing much needed support to world class medical scientists who are working to develop lifesaving drugs and medical devices for those suffering from cancer and other terminal illness. With your help through donations and spreading the word, cureLauncher lets the researchers keep working in their clinics and labs. They eliminate the anxiety and delays caused by scarce government grants for funding critical medical advances. They make finding, funding, and launching cures more possible. Donate to cancer research today. Support researchers with a passion for bringing a cure to patients. Connect to clinical trials that save lives. Choose to take action. Strengthen hope. And bring a little bit of cheer this holiday season.

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