Saturday, November 24, 2012

Latest Gaming Apps For Kids

These days applications have been very popular because of its flexibility and easy interface that make many complicated things to be done very simpler. There are different applications build to solve every individual needs in their daily life, for example a PPI claims app helps in identifying deductions, premiums, terms and other considerations of the policy. Just like financial apps gaming apps have also become very popular, these are considered by many people especially kids are showing interest towards latest gaming applications that are available on the market. Here are a few latest gaming apps designed for kids.

Kids Preschool and Puzzle Lite: This gaming application is built to provide entertainment for pre-schoolers with its attractive graphics. Every session of this game is designed with a pleasant voice announcer that encourages kids to keep learning. Some features of this app are: •Games are laser focused •Many kinds of kid-friendly games •Each puzzle consists of over 100 images

Memory for Kids: This gaming app enables kids to develop memory skills; they find this game as challenging task each time entering into a new level. Each time the similar cards are matched the user will gain some points and enter to a higher level. Some features of this app are: •Enables to use time challenging mode •Amazing sound effects •Various mix types of cards are available

Kids Math: This app helps your child to learn and improve math calculation speed, this aid your child to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, divisions quickly and have fun in learning and playing this game simultaneously. Some features of this app are: •Scoring system •Each level comprises set of questions •Designed by inserting attractive graphic designs

Where’s Mommy: This app is specially designed for kids and toddlers where dads and moms can customize this game with their images and recordings and make their child have fun in playing. This app is preloaded with popular voices, animal photos and recordings. Some features of this app are: •You can place your own recording in it and can leave clues •This helps your child identify and learn new things

Cooking game for kids: This app allows your kid to cook and serve them to adorable animal guests. This game is designed with interactive and fun versions, which allows cooking different recipes in Dr. Panda’s restaurant. Some features of this app are: •Comprises of varied activities •Can unlock other versions

Barbie shape: This puzzle game helps children have hours of fun by aligning different parts of the Barbie image which lets kid to enter next level. There is also an option to change background color of the image to make it a bit complicated. This game helps kids in developing visual, motor and shape recognition skills.

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