Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Improve Customer Service

Customer anticipations for sales and service continue to rise. In order to succeed, you need to continuously improve the skills of your people, and the procedures you use to sell to and serve your customers. Training is an expense. Changing behavior, though, is an investment that pays off many times over. You can develop skilled, enthusiastic employees who create greater sales, pleasing customer experiences, and improved business results that continue to improve over time. Customer satisfaction is largely driven by the interaction customers have with your employees. But practices can interfere with the customer experience as well.

As a customer, I want excellent customer service. I want the help I need in a timely manner, and to not have to deal with a customer service rep that has no idea what they are doing. There are programs out there these days that can help your business achieve customer service improvement. It is up to the company to utilize these tools that are available.

There are customer services training programs, and service assessments where someone will come out and assess your customer service and let you know what areas you need to improve on. There are learning management systems that you can host through your company’s internet or database for all employees to access. There is no excuse to have bad customer service. And the programs are not hard. Any employee at any skill level is able to be trained well.

I have worked in the customer service field myself, and now having a small family owned business, I realize just how important good customer service is. To our small business, good customer service equals sales. We need those sales to keep the business afloat, as any business does. Without good customer service, then you can basically kiss your company goodbye.

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