Monday, November 19, 2012

Days 5, 6, 7, 8 of 15 Day Blog Challenge

I got behind on my 15 Day Blog Challenge over the weekend, so playing catch-up here!

5. Who was your closest friends as a teenager?
As a teen, it would have to be my friend Sarah for my younger teen years, and then Jill and Deanna for my older teen years. I still talk to Jill occasionally, but I've really drifted apart from them all. Sad when that happens.

6. Where have you worked?
I have not worked a lot in my adult life due to being a stay at home mama, but my favorite job was as a cosmetician in my early 20's. And of course, as a blogger now!

7. Has your life gone the way you expected it?
Actually, yes. There have been some huge bumps a long the way, but when I was young and envisioned my life, it was happily married and a mother. And that is what I am!

8. Tell us a bit about your family!
You already know about my hubby and kids, so I'll tell you about the family I grew up in. I have divorced parents. They got divorced when I was 4. My parents had my brother and then me. My mom remarried and I gained a stepfather and two older stepsisters. There was never any "step" involved. They are my sisters, no matter what.

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