Sunday, November 11, 2012

AllerMates Food Allergy Stickers

Giving parents greater peace of mind, AllerMates new allergy and health alert stickers address the concerns of moms of food allergic and asthmatic children. The alert stickers are an ever-present reminder of the child’s health needs while a child may be in the care of others. The stickers were created in response to moms asking for effective alert tools to be used on strollers, back-packs, lunch bags and other items allergy or asthma effected children might carry or use. The stickers are a highly useful and effective way to communicate and inform caregivers and protect children when they are at school, at camp, with babysitters, on play-dates, with coaches and more. They’re perfect for use at after school activities, parties and other group events. Available 24 pack - $5.99 each.

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