Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Brief on My Thanksgiving Memories in USA

Thanksgiving is a special occasion that provides you various opportunities to cherish some good quality moments with your friends and family members. Enjoying a delicious and extravagant thanksgiving feast is one major attraction of this specific occasion every year. The culture of thanksgiving in USA mainly reflects people's way of expressing gratitude for every thing they have achieved in their life so far. Most importantly, this festival is mainly celebrated just after harvest, which is followed by expressing your thanks for the good will in coming times as well. The past year of thanksgiving celebration was my introduction to this special occasion in my life. I can happily admit that I really had a fabulous time during last year's thanksgiving celebration. My thanksgiving memories in USA are truly amazing and will be cherished for lifelong. Last year's thanksgiving celebration was my most joyous experience of thanksgiving because of an invitation I received from one of my college friends. My friends invited me for a special thanksgiving meal at her home which was especially prepared by her mother and other family members. I could easily notice the joy of celebrating this special festival in each and every person gathered at that time. I was told that a variety of preparations are supposed to be done prior to the main celebration day on this occasion. A special thanksgiving meal arranged by my friend's family was a memorable part of that specific get together. It was really a special day for me as I got to see my friend's mother and other family members running around the kitchen and bringing all traditional cuisines on the table. I could easily sense the rich smell of all traditional dishes prepared by them. Meanwhile, my friend also explained me the significance behind the celebration of this festival. It is also their culture to share the Thanksgiving menu with each guest who visits the house. As a result, many house ladies compete in terms of presenting turk delicious and sumptuous food items when they are throwing a Thanksgiving party. I observed that one turkey dish kept on the center of the dinner table was the main show stopper of the entire thanksgiving meal. Apart from traditional turkey dish, variety of other cuisines such as, mashed potato with cranberry sauce, green bean salad, pies with different stuffing, drinks were also offered to me. All dishes were exceptionally delicious and mouth watering, just by their appearance and smell. Later after finishing the main course meal I was served with abundant varieties of desserts and cookies after a break of around one hour. After finishing our meal, me and my friend thoroughly enjoyed some special fun filled games arranged by her family. At the same time, I also got to know that special thanksgiving parade or prayers are also an important part of the entire Thanksgiving celebration. The warm welcome and generous gesture of the American families for their guests could easily be experienced after my visit to my friend's place on thanksgiving occasion. In the end, I must say that my first Thanksgiving experience will always remain close to my heart as an unforgettable and the most cherished memories of my life.

Author Akia Johnson

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