Sunday, October 7, 2012

Getting Callan Into Hockey

Hockey is a big thing here in Minnesota. It's a huge sport. The Minnesota Wild, woo hoo! And it is a great activity for kids too. Callan seems very interested in hockey, so we are thinking about getting him into it. Of course, it will be awhile since he actually good at it, since he is so young. But I have a feeling that he will love it, and want to pursue it as he gets older. And as a mother, the first thing I think about is protection. So I've been looking into a few things.
The Shock Doctor Max mouth guard delivers a custom gel fit, high impact protection, soft contour shape and triple-layer construction for excellent security and protection. Putting your body on the line in contact sports means you need to minimize injury and protect yourself. Having a good fitting mouth guard that enables you to breathe easily will give you the confidence and protection you need to commit 100% to what is in front of you.
The Gryphon Super Pro Shin Guard is the lightest most versatile shin guard in the range. Designed for both youth and senior players this shin guard boasts super lightweight and durability in equal measure with protection that extends beyond the shin and over the ankles.
 DITA Bone Protector Pro Hockey Glove - Ultra soft glove with strong leather palm. Excellent high density foam finger protection and fit. So those are a few items I am checking of course a great helmet, and a good stick! It is exciting to think that my son is getting to an age where he can participate in sports if he wants to!

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