Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fantastic Flooring

For the Fall, I am planning on redoing my bathroom floor. And I am doing it in something a little different! Vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood, instead of ceramic tiles! Oh, it is gonna look so good!
If you are looking for an easy to install floor tile that does not require a separate adhesive, try high quality self adhesive vinyl flooring. These tiles and planks come with a sticky backing which you can peel off and stick to your floor. A popular choice with DIY enthusiasts. Choose from self adhesive floor tiles suitable for bathroom floors, kitchen floors, bedroom floors, lounge, hallway, any room in the home.
And then to top it off with a Fall feeling, I am getting a Turtle Mat! Turtle Mats are anti slip, non stain mats suitable for all floors and carpets including doorways, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms and even boats and caravans. Turtle Mats act as dirt trapper mats and barrier mats as they help prevent outside dirt entering your home or moisture spreading room to room. At the forefront of innovation, manufacturer Turtle Mat is the leading supplier of cotton mats in the UK and Europe. Its extensive range of floor mats and doormats are engineered to be highly functional and incorporate designs that are both unique and attractive.

Why is it that this time of the year makes me want to make decorative changes? Hmmm, then again, so does the Spring!

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