Thursday, October 4, 2012

Cost-Effective Heating

Winter is coming fast, and one of the bad things about winter, besides the weather, is the cost of heating a home. It can get crazy expensive! That is why this year I am getting a panel heater!
I like the sleek innovative look of this Nirvana panel heater! The Atlantic Nirvana panel heater combines an excellent level of comfort quality with a highly effective design. It is a radiant convector providing a gentle and consistent heat throughout the room. The Nirvana is an elegant addition to any interior. *Digital electronic thermostat *Discreet and easily accessible controls *Comfort temperature dial *Eco temperature dial *Heating mode selector dial: Comfort, Eco, Time Programming, 7°C Frost Protection, Off. Comfort is the chosen temperature for an occupied room. Eco is the chosen temperature for an unoccupied room and is adjustable between 1°C and 10°C below the selected Comfort temperature. Time Programming in response to Chronopass. *Heating indicator light *Create Pass Program System with heater and Chronopass. Safety: Double insulated *Thermal cut-out device *Lockable controls with cover flap.

Something cool looking to add to the aesthetic of the room, and functional heat! Can it get any better than that?

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