Friday, October 12, 2012

Buying A Sofa Bed

Jason and I have been wanting a sofa bed for awhile now, and since we live in a smaller place now, a sofa bed is most important for when we have guests stay over, which is going to be a lot this winter. So we are looking at a few sofa beds to see what we like.
The Contempos Sofa bed has a sleek modern design with a sharp angular base and chrome plated metal feet. The base features 2 cushions that can be adjusted independently into a reclined or full sofa bed position. Perfect for relaxing or accommodating those extra guests.
The Novara corner sofa has a module on castors which can be swung round to form a sofa bed for occasional guests. Featuring modern linear styling with deep foam cushioning and modern fabric options, this sofa bed represents great value.

I think I prefer the look of the first sofa. What do you think?

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