Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Soladey J3X Solar Ionic Toothbrush

The complete oral hygiene solution. The Soladey ionic brush by AmbiCom has a light-activated titanium dioxide rod (semiconductor) inside the handle. When exposed to any light source (a fluorescent bathroom light, a plain light bulb or sunlight), the photo-sensitive titanium rod inside the AmbiCom-Soladey ionic brush converts light into negatively-charged ions (electrons). The rod releases these ions, which blend with saliva to attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque on your teeth. The acid is then neutralized and plaque is disintegrated - a scientific approach to a cleaner and healthier mouth! Toothpaste is not required as water (saliva) is the acting ingredient - oral hygiene now becomes not only natural, but also economical! For those who find it hard to give up toothpaste, use very small amounts!

Product Features:
The Ionic Process is activated simply by light and water
Titanium dioxide rod produces ions to break down plaque
Requires little or no toothpaste
Works on tough dental stains, encourages whiter teeth

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I received a product from Janis PR in exchange for a review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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