Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Treat Your Feet

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It's the Dog Days of Summer. There is still plenty of time to go out to the beach or to wear cute sandals around town. So treat your feet and look great! With the use of some awesome body moisturizers, your feet will thank you!
First use Delizia Mia Creamy Sugar Polish. This is an awesome two-for-one cream that exfoliates and moisturizes in one fell swoop. The abrasive granules linger on the skin just long enough to remove dry skin, but quickly melt into a creamy polish before skin becomes irritated. So long as you are a fan of bold floral scents, and I am, this Sugar Polish will be a big hit for your knees, feet and elbows.
 Then try Pretty Piede. It will leave you with pretty feet when all is said and done. You're not going to get any deep moisturizing out of it, but you will be left feeling soft and smooth and smelling simply irresistible.
 Then end with the Rabbit Fur Mitt. Made from real fur, you will bask in pleasure as the soft and luxurious pelt glides over your skin, relieving stress and relaxing the body from head to toe. Perfect for the end of the day when your tootsies are tired and sore! Can you say ahhhhh?

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