Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kellogs Fiber Plus Coupon

This new FiberPlus Nutty Delights bar is NUTS! And Chocolate too. Taste the Plus!
Get 70 cents Off.
You'd be nuts not to try new FiberPlus Nutty Delights. It's chocolate, it's crunch, it's everything you need! Try it out with a coupon for 70 cents off.
What're you waiting for? Get Your Coupon!! Get 70 cents Off!
Whatcha waiting for? You'd be nutty not to try new FiberPlus Nutty Delights! Don't be nutty - get a coupon for 70 cents off new FiberPlus Nutty Delights!
Get Your Coupon! New FiberPlus Nutty Delights - chocolate and nutty crunch?

Yes, please. Get 70 cents Off!

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