Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jeans Jeans Jeans

I love jeans. I am always buying jeans, of all kinds. My dresser is overflowing with jeans. And there are so many cute new styles coming out all the time. It is hard not to buy them! Hee hee. Cruise is recognized as one of the leading luxury designer clothing retailers of international designer collections, directional street led fashion, and premium denim brands. Premium. Denim. Brands. So check out some of the jeans I found on their website.
Juicy Couture Garment Dyed Sky Blue Skinny Jeans - Ok, so I like the skinny jean. I did not think my body type would look good in a skinny jean, but I have tried them, and I like them. But, the colored jean, like this sky blue....not so many people can pull off a colored jean. So if I were to try it, it would be with a color like the sky blue instead of purple, or bright red. Do you like colored jeans?
True Religion Billy Del Mar Blue Denim Jeans - This is the main style of jeans that are my "go-to". I like the faded look in the waist area and the knee and thigh areas. Five-pocket, straight leg. The most perfect pair of jeans ever.
Faith Connexion Metallic Gold Denim Cropped Jeans - Now, this look is very different. It is supposed to be a metallic gold look, but I think it looks more like a white-wash look, and on the whole, it does look good. But you would only really be able to wear it with certain tops, I think. What do you think? What are your favorite styles of jeans? What are you looking forward to for this fall?

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