Wednesday, August 22, 2012


What is HappyDoll? HappyDoll’s mission is to link children from all around the globe to each other. They work with kids to help create their dolls that then travel the world on their behalf. Each doll carries the thought and wishes of the children who created it, linking a global circle of hope! How does it work? 1. You make the dolls. 2. HappyDoll makes them travel around the world. 3. You can track your dolls, connect to the world, and expand a circle of happiness and hope!
When we got the package, Callan was so excited! We instantly started to make our doll. Callan created a story for the doll, and he is very excited to track him online and see where he goes!

Check it all out at HappyDoll on Facebook, as well as HappyDoll on Twitter. And get your own HappyDoll to send out into the world!
I received a product from HappyDoll in exchange for a review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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