Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back To School With Tiny Prints *Giveaway*

Ready to send your little one (or teenager) back to school? Well, the first day can fill kids of any age with jitters and anxiety. So here are some back to school ideas to get them giddy to go back:
For Elementary Students: Start a shopping ritual before sending them back to school. Let your children pick out a few fun back to school supplies that will get them excited for their first day. One cool project is to customize address labels and gift tags as book plates and school supply labels. Another way to get them excited is to make lunchtime extra special. Surprise your child with a sweet lunchbox note. (This is the perfect way to keep mom and dad close while they’re off on their own at school.) Another fun surprise is to do some simple back to school crafts that you can put in their lunch.
For High School Students: While passing notes in class isn’t always the best thing to do, exchanging them before school starts is totally acceptable - and recommended! Sending a letter or card the old-fashioned way is a great way for friends to keep in touch over the summer and get ready to go back to school. Personal stationery and back to school greeting cards let them stay connected in style. Another item to pick up is one of the customized notebooks covered with photos of their friends and family. They can use it to take notes in class and be the envy of all their classmates.
For College Students: If you have a teenager heading off to college, there are all kinds of ways to ease the transition. A set of back to school personal stationery or contact cards will help them keep in touch with friends. (And there are even have matching address labels so they can deck out their envelopes with delightful designs.) Another great way to bid your college student farewell is with back to school dorm d├ęcor. Designer wall art is a sweet treat for a new abode.
For Teachers: Teachers need fun supplies to get themselves (and their students) excited for back to school too. Teacher stationery is completely customizable and totally stylish. Looking for a fun way to send a special message to an individual student? The classroom cards let you recognize stellar students, thank parents, or welcome new students.

Tiny Prints is sponsoring a Twitter party along with host @ResourcefulMom on Tuesday the 21st from 1-2pm PT/4-5pm ET based around the Back to School theme with awesome prizes to giveaway, so please make sure to mark your calendars. The RSVP list can be found here: http://resourcefulmommy.com/10027/tiny-prints-back-to-school-twitter-party-2/ 


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