Sunday, July 1, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer Line

Miracle Skin Transformer is a revolutionary, one-step application that instantly transforms your skin, leaving you with a smooth, radiant, airbrushed finish…in seconds.
I received two great products from this skin care line. Miracle Skin Transformer Hydroactive Cleanser: This gentle cleanser effectively removes surface oils, make up, dirt and grime while maintaining skin’s natural moisture levels. Its whipped texture transforms into a soothing foam when blended with water. Skin is left feeling fresh, hydrated and smooth. Infused with the M3 Complex, a powerful botanical antioxidant blend that works hard to fight free radicals. In addition, EcoPhysalis, Manuka Honey, and Vitamins help soothe and soften, for clarified and luminous skin. I love that his cleanser does not dry out my skin and make my face feel all tight afterwards. It is great!
The other product, which I am in love with it, is Miracle Skin Transformer Heal Everything Balm: This multi-purpose beauty balm specially designed to immediately hydrate sensitive, irritated skin, and address and soothe the multiple sources of aggression and stress. The unique formula blends waxes, oils, botanical antioxidants and reparative ingredients, such as Manuka Honey and Japanese Licorice Root Extract. Heal Everything Balm provides instant relief and protection for distressed skin and is for anyone with severely dry, dehydrated skin due to harsh winter weather, aggressive cosmetic treatments, and environmental reactions. It is the ultimate skin soothing solution for the face and body. Miracle Skin Transformer Heal Everything Balm’s intensive M3 Complex contains a blend of over 30 moisturizers and emollient ingredients such as Tamanu Oil, Evening Primrose and Blue Mountain Sage Oil that enhances the skin’s own natural repair process. Helps skin recover from sun-induced irritation. Helps protect, soothe and moisturize dry skin. Helps reduce redness and irritation after waxing or shaving. Helps reduce stinging. Helps the skin maintain its own natural defenses against environmental assaults. Helps reduce skin redness caused by weather burns, abrasions, and minor irritations. As I said, I love love love this product. After getting severely sunburned (I know, bad Hayley!!), I used this, and my skin was basically fine the next day! Totally awesome!

I received products from Crier PR and Sarah McNamara Beauty in exchange for a review on my blog. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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