Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bathroom Updates!

Sometimes I want to update or redo the rooms in my house. And since we just moved, I am happy with my rooms for now, except the bathroom. I want to do something different, and easy, to give it a new look. I have discovered it can be as easy as getting new bath sets! And I wanted a beachy look, but not too kitschy or obvious. So I chose a Raffia set! The ease of a Raffia collection is found in the natural weave and texture of the fabric that is casual and beautiful. Created from fibers of the Raffia palm, the woven covering provides a unique pattern that is comfortable and familiar. Raffia brings a sense of the outdoors inside. And that is perfect for me.
I did think of going with a Decca set, but it ended up being a bit too plain for what I was aiming at, though it is gorgeous.The natural, translucent qualities of Italian alabaster have been revered for centuries. Now they are sculpted into rare, precious works of art for the bath. The exquisite veining of alabaster, quarried in Tuscany, creates a multi-hued affect that ranges from clear to white and beige and is unique to each piece.

There are so many cute bathroom sets out there, it is hard to pick just one. Maybe I'll have to update my bathroom every 3 months or so! *wink*

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