Sunday, June 17, 2012

Great Summer Clothes

Sometimes it is hard to find really great summer clothes, which last a long time. Jason shops for himself mainly, but I shop for me as well as my son, Callan. Usually I shop at discount stores, or try to get some great deals. But sometimes you just really need a good pair of shorts, or a shirt that will last a lifetime, and you need to spend a little bit more for that high visibility clothing.

I like shorts that fit and are not too big. I like sweat pant style shorts, or a really good denim. I like my shorts longer, like the Bermuda style – because really no one wants to see these white legs! I like a light-weight tee or tank top with a cute graphic or a catchy saying. A few good pieces can make up my whole summer wardrobe!
As for Callan, it is basically jean shorts that are thicker denim to last longer, and he is off to go play and be a boy. He is a country boy – outside without a shirt on a lot of the time. But when he does wear a shirt in the summer, I like it light-weight and something fun for him. You would think that a four-year-old would not care what he wears, but my son already a sense of what he does not like, and what he does. So he helps me choose things sometimes.

With great clothing, you don’t necessarily need to shop for new items every summer. But, well, it is always nice to get something new and updated. But if you pick the right items, they will last a lifetime and still be stylish.

I must say it is lucky that I do not have a daughter, because then I would really shop and go nuts – no matter what season, or if she needed new clothes or not! *wink*

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