Saturday, May 26, 2012


A few years ago my family and I were sitting outside on the Fourth of July watching the fireworks being shot off around town. I got to thinking about how our own lives are like those fireworks. Every person’s life makes an impact on other people. Sometimes we are the ones setting off the fireworks so to speak. Some know it is us who are setting them off while others are only ones able to see the pretty display and enjoy it from a distance, never knowing exactly who it is setting them off and maybe not even caring (which is ok!). Other times we are the ones watching the display and enjoying what others are doing whether we know who set them off or not. The thing is that what we do on a daily basis not only affects us but it affects so many people around us. Sometimes it may even seem insignificant what we are doing, but I think about the years when we are in drought and nobody can set off fireworks and the Fourth of July just doesn’t seem quite right. It leaves a void. The same is true when we stop doing the things we are meant to be doing. There is a void where we know something should be. It may even be that some are not happy that we are setting those fireworks off, but that is also how it is in life. When we strive to do good, some are going to be annoyed, but that should never stop us from trying to do the best we can. It can also show that something good at the wrong place and time can be bad. I heard a sermon a while back on our legacy.....What will our legacy be? Will it be something that people from blocks away can look at and enjoy or will it be an empty void with the feeling that something great should have been there? Let us strive to leave a legacy that will affect (for the good) as many as we possibly can.

"In the same way, good deeds are obvious, and even those that are not cannot be hidden." ~1 Timothy 5:25

Author Cherise Bloodworth blogs at Ramblings Of A Happy Girl! Go check it out!

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