Sunday, April 15, 2012

WOW Toys Turbo Twins

WOW is the brand that creates the most durable and most loveable toys, games & activities the world has ever seen! Callan loves their toys! This time he got to play with the Turbo Twins!

"Hi guys, we’re the Turbo Twins and we do everything together! We battle it out with our good friends, Dynamite Daisy and Fireball Frankie, to win the annual WOW championship! Our fab drivers, Vicky and Simon, always know the best shortcuts to get us over the finish line first! Our set includes both of us and our two driver figure friends, Vicky and Simon. Contents: 2x motorized race cars. 1x Girl driver figure called Vicky. 1x Boy driver figure called Simon. Known as: The Twins. In a nutshell: Super speedy scallywags. Likes: Winning and causing mischief. Dislikes: Coming second and sherbet dib-dabs. Like to hang with: Robbie.

Callan of course loves them, as he does with anything that has to do with cars and racing! And the quality of WOW toys always amaze me, because they are so durable! Check it all out at WOW Toys on Facebook, as well as WOW Toys on Twitter!
I received a product from WOW Toys in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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