Friday, April 20, 2012

St. Croix Valley Naturals

St. Croix Valley Naturals products are a classy yet utilitarian way to get organic therapy. All organic cotton and flax seed make up this line of heating pads. Get comfortable. Warm-up. Relieve stress and pain. Try the chemical free, environmentally friendly hot/cold packs. The products are inspired by the natural beauty of the St. Croix River Valley. The St. Croix River Valley is located about 20 miles East of St. Paul, Minnesota (Yay Minnesota!!!) and divides the States of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I got to try some of their really awesome products!
Organic Heating Pad: All Organic Microwavable Portable Heating Pad - Used to provide heat or cold therapy. The large size is approximately 12” by 24”. It can be shaped and molded to the back.
Can be used in other areas such as tummy, knees, shoulders, feet and hips. The heating pad provides deep penetrating moist heat. Heat or Freeze Repeatedly for Hot/Cold Therapy. Organic Cotton Fabric and Organic Flax Seed Filling. Unscented. Stays warm for about 45 minutes Works better than using an electric heating pad - no cords to get in the way. Leave those leaky hot water bottles behind!
Organic Floral Eye Pillow: Relief for Tired, Puffy, or Irritated Eyes – All Organic Eye Pillow. Need to dose off or take a break? Eye pillow blocks out light, relieves tension and calms with gentle pressure. Tired, puffy or irritated eyes? The cold therapy of this eye pillow can provide soothing relief. Heat or Freeze Repeatedly For Hot/Cold Therapy. Organic Cotton Fabric and Organic Flax Seed Filling. Unscented.

I received products from St. Croix Valley Naturals in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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