Monday, February 20, 2012

FRS Healthy Energy

FRS is a healthy alternative to common energy drinks. FRS Healthy Energy is the first energy supplement and drink powered by a patented blend of the antioxidant Quercetin and vitamins. When taken daily the antioxidants and vitamins in FRS fight fatigue, improve focus, and support your immune system. FRS is available as a ready-to-drink beverage, liquid concentrate, powdered drink mix, or soft chew.

We were able to try the chews, the cans, and the ready-to-drink bottled beverage.

FRS soft chews are individually wrapped and ideal for travel. Simply unwrap two chews and eat, no water required. You can keep them in your gym bag or purse so they are there wherever you need a boost. Each 30 count bag provides 15 servings.

If you like your drinks in a grab-and-go form then FRS cans are for you. The ready to drink cans are premixed with fruit juices and purees for a light, fresh taste and each can is packed with 325mg of quercetin – the most quercetin per serving of all FRS products. Three low calorie flavors offer all the sustained energy with just 25 calories per can.

FRS Healthy Energy - powered by a patented formula containing Quercetin, green tea, catechins, and essential vitamins. It is perfect for the active, on-the-go person to get sustained energy and to help maximize performance. It comes in 12oz bottle with 90cal and a low 20cal with no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors.

Jason liked them all more than me, but I didn't think they were too bad. I did seem to have more energy, so it does work! My favorite was the fruit chews. Quick easy energy, anywhere! That's a plus for us mamas!

I received products from FRS in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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