Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't Touch My Cookies Costume

"We are happy to tell you that size no longer matters when searching for a costume. We all know that unlike what we see on TV and in the movies most men and women are larger than a size three. Whether it is a fantasy or historical outfit we possess a full range of plus size costume choices to make your next theme-party or Halloween a success. Locating and buying an attractive plus size Halloween costume can be a challenge if you are not aware of where to find. Plus size costumes for women and men can be very stylish and are designed to flatter a curvy figure. We have an extensive range of men's plus size costumes and women's plus size costumes at super low prices. We carry a full range of plus size costumes for men. He can dress in something simple as a Greek togas or choose from a super selection of officially licensed characters. From humorous to scary to popular men can find the plus size costume that properly fits their needs. Plus size women are sometimes shy about their size. We have an inventory of plus size Halloween costumes that can help to diminish or extenuate your curves, which ever you would prefer. Become a saloon girl, pirate wench, or dress as a French maid this year. We have costumes that will not only be fun to show off but you can enjoy them comfortable - all at a great price! If you are determined to turn heads this Halloween we stock a large selection of sexy plus size costumes as well. Couples can make a big scene with one of our many couples plus size costumes. Dress as Dog and Beth: your favorite husband and wife bounty hunter team or choose a more humorous Popeye and Olive Oyl set, the possibilities are almost endless. Our selection of plus size Halloween costumes is one of the best you will find in one place - online or otherwise."

I was so excited to be able to find a fun costume this year for Halloween that would fit me comfortably, and that I would not look terrible in. The Plus Size Costume Supercenter was the perfect place to find it! I chose the Don't Touch My Cookies costume! "The Girl Scout is a sexy costume that ranks right up there with the school girl for most preferred naughty costume. The ideal of a pretty women showing up at a man's door in a sexy dress with cookies is an irresistible fantasy for any man. Be a sweet tease in the costume called Don't Touch My Cookies. This sexy costume features a green microfiber mini dress with a sash that has iron-on decal badges like Best Kisser and Most Adventurous. The costume also includes yellow hair ribbons, a yellow neckerchief, a Don't Touch My Cookies drawstring purse, green satin bow stocking clips and a green beret. 1X/2X (Fits most sizes 16-18), 3X/4X (Fits most sizes 18-20)." 

I can not wait to wear this for Halloween, after the kiddo goes to bed! *wink*

I received a product from Plus Sized Costume Supercenter in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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