Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Books, Books, Books

I love books. I have so many stashed away on shelves and in a tote under my bed that I have yet to read! I have 654 items on my Wish List. Yes, 654 items! And I bet 650 of them are books. I thought that my fellow book lovers would be interested in some book recommendations. I'm going to list 10 random books from my Amazon Wish List. If you are going to do the same on your blog, please let me know, as I could use some more books to add to my Wish List, don't you think? *smile* Or if you just want to leave some book recommendations in the comments, that works too. Or even comment on your thoughts on the books I list. Have fun with this! I'd love to hear your recommendations! Thanks!

1. Joy For Beginners by Erin Bauermeister
2. Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult
3. Dear Exile: The Story Of Two Friends Separated (For A Year)
4. The Way We Were by Marcia Willett 
5. Wife Goes On by Leslie Lehr
6.  What I Know: Letters To My Younger Self by Ellyn Spragins
7. Something To Blog About by Shana Norris 
8. Compromising Positions by Jenna Bayley-Burke
9. The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen 
10. Dot.Homme by Jane Moore

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  1. Great idea. I don't have a wishlist on Amazon but always have a huge booklist. I love to read as well. We should do a Book Blog Swap sometime and swap books and reviews!


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