Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"Here’s the deal. All of us women have experienced the wrath that arises from prolonged power struts in pointy pumps or bumpin’ and grindin’ in strappy stilettos. We get it, 4” heels STINK. But they are so. friggen. cute. But ladies, could we ever do without our favorite (leg-lengthening, sex-ifying, confidence-boosting) fashion accessory??? NO WAY. CitySlips offer a “total package” solution to a crippling (literally) problem. Their innovative split-sole structure and comfy elastic backing allow them to fold neatly and securely into a compact carrying case. Once the flats have been removed, the small pouch unzips and expands, becoming a full-size tote bag. Throw those heels inside and enjoy a more comfortable commute home, or another few hours on the dance floor. CitySlips are now available in 500+ retailers including Dillard's, Ricky's NYC, Travel Traders, International Duty Free Shoppes, Mandee, Afaze, and more!!!"

I first saw these on The View and thought what a cool idea! It really is a great invention. You wear heels for work or for play, but after awhile, your feet get sore. So this is the solution. Slip on a pair of CitySlips! They are comfy and cute. I wear mine just because. I am thinking they will be great next winter when I don't want to wear my snow boots all the time. I can bring along my cute CitySlips, and wah-la! No more ugly snow boots! Very cool! Check them out at CitySlips.com!

I received a product from CitySlips in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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