Friday, April 8, 2011

C-Section Regret - Challenge Day

Some of you may know that I had a c-section with both of my boys. With Callan, it was an emergency. With Mason, it was too risky to deliver normally from all the surgeries I had on my uterus. So, whatever....I'm a c-section mama. But do you know how many times I get asked - Don't you regret never delivering vaginally? Um....let me think about that.....NO! Oh, but don't you miss having that chance, that opportunity, that sweet memory of being able to birth your baby? Um....I DID birth my baby thank you very much. Ever had a c-section? It is basically the same thing, ok? In then end, you get your sweet baby, that still came out of your body. I still got those first precious bonding moments with both kids. They just came out of my body a different way. Why would someone ask me that anyways? That irks me. 

With both babies I labored for 10 hours with Callan and a glorious 70 hours with Mason. I had contractions. My water broke. I wanted to kill my husband who fell asleep in the chair next to my bed while I laid there and wailed. I dilated with both of them. Had a epidural. Afterwards, I had the same lovely mongo hospital pads stuck between my legs as a woman who labored. I did not want anyone going near my vag. No sex for 6 weeks. I got it all, I did it all. I just did not push the baby out my hoo-hoo! I got my children ripped from my uterus surgically. I mean, which one sounds more magical? Neither, if you ask me. The magic is the growing of the baby in your body. The connection you develop with your little apple seed. And the amazement of kissing them and looking into their eyes for the first time. Don't ask me if I regret having c-section. I did the same things as you did to get your kid. And there are no regrets in that.



  1. great post!! i'm a Csection mama too and well unfortunately i had a whole different experience but you are sooo right: the magic is growing your baby inside your body =)

  2. I'm always surprised when people ask those type of questions about such a personal subject!

  3. I did not any c-sections. I did push out an 11 pounder and a 12 pounder (no drugs either - just lots of cursing and screaming)
    But anyhow - yes having a baby is having a baby and I am sure a c-section recovery has got to be tougher than the other way. and it's not like you didn't carry and nurture those babies for 9 months.

  4. I'm a double C-Section Mama as well. I do have slight regrets with both boys - with Teddy, the drugs they'd given me made me so loopy that I remember little from the actual birth and with Pete, they couldn't get the epidural placed so they had to knock me out and I remember NOTHING. But those aren't regrets because of the C-section. They're regrets because of things that happened regardless of the C-section.

    Because, along with the magic of feeling my boys each grow inside of me, I also still have the memory of holding them each for the first time... and that's something all Mamas get too.

  5. Speak! OIY. People can be so rude.


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