Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What Is Tie Buddies & Will It Help Your Kid?

Children live in a world of learning and they take pride in each little accomplishment. One of the biggest feats a youngster performs is learning to tie their own shoes. This is often a big hurdle for the little ones to overcome. It is quite understandable when you watch how many adults fumble with tying their shoes correctly.

Really though it is understandable why so many children have difficulty dealing with tying their shoes, but there is a great new product on the market that takes the frustration away and replaces learning this task a fun adventure.

All of the learning to tie shoes with shoe buddies is done with the assistance of Tie Buddies, which are easy to hold colorful tabs. The product encourages you to make up stories surrounding the tie buddies as the kids learn each of the stages of tying the shoes properly.

The product producers even supply some great story ideas to get you started. These play an important part in allowing the child to remember the steps. What happens is the child recalls the story and then easily remembers the steps that go with that story.

One of the objects of frustration when kids are learning shoe tying is their limitations in coordination. Often the laces are slippery and difficult for the youngster to grasp, and at the same time focus on the techniques. The tie buddies tabs give them something firm to grasp onto and makes it easier for them to maneuver the laces.

As they become more comfortable working with the tie buddies, you can remove one of the tabs to help them make the transition of no longer requiring them.

Once the basic shoe tying has become mastered the buddies technique can be continued to teach the kids to tie a more secure knot.

Tie Buddies is such a simple but most innovative product. There is no doubt that this product will put an end to many hours of frustration for both the parents and the children. Without the use of this product it is a most common sight to see angry little youngsters trying so hard to tie their shoes, and parents who are trying not to interfere knowing the little ones have to learn this.

With utilizing the shoe buddies combined with the neat little stories though it helps to take the child's mind off their independencey, because they are engrossed in the story as they are allowing the parent to show them the steps. Prior to this parents would have to struggle with their children to get them to accept the parents help. This product obviously recognized this as being a big problem and easily addressed it.

Aside from this being a great learning tool for toddlers there is no doubt that it would be most beneficial as a teaching aid for children that have learning difficulties. They too often face frustrations with shoe tying and the Tie Buddies may very well be a solution in this circumstance as well.

This was a guest post by Lior who is a consultant for a kids chairs company called Kids Chair World.

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